Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 13: Waking Up Part II

Day 7's tasty dinner...
A week ago I wrote this blog post about what my morning thoughts were and how they might impact my day.  I decided that for one week I'd keep track of what I was feeling or thinking each morning and then see how it impacted the rest of my day or if it did at all.  The week is now over so let's see how I did shall we?

Day 1 - Wednesday 1/7: 

I woke up feeling disappointed (though I didn't note about what) and worried about the future.  I also wrote that I was feeling jealousy but thought it might be due to linger feelings from a dream.

I worked that morning.  In the afternoon I went to a meeting about a new local performance space after which I lingered and had a really great conversation about dance.  I then went to a hair appointment (my first in nearly three years), which left me feeling quite awesome.  After that I took myself out to dinner which also lead to conversation about performance art.  After walking home I ended the evening watching a guilty pleasure on Hulu.

Day 2 - Thursday 1/8:

I woke up feeling overwhelmed.  Worried about getting all I needed to do before school started.

The rest of the day?  Well I got a ton of stuff done in the morning.  I worked for an hour on a writing project, started a scholarship application and completed my FAFSA for school  After patting myself on the back for my productive awesomeness I realized that I'd totally spaced on an appointment with my therapist.  I worked through the afternoon and then met with a co-performer about a new project.  A friend came over for a craft night and we listened to a dance podcast.  I ended my evening reading in bed.

Day 3 - Friday, 1/9:

A combination of overwhelmed and ambitious.  I had several anxiety dreams during the prior evening's slumber.  I also noted I was worried about money, funding for Semester at Sea, what to do about work when I get back, and something about time (I can't read the rest of the sentence - my pre-coffee penmanship is apparently not great).

That day I worked six hours and logged off early to help a friend with a costuming emergency.  I did a load of laundry, got in a hour dance practice and then dressed to meet an old friend for cocktails.  We had an awesomely awesome evening.  I arrived home late and watched Hulu in bed until I fell asleep.  I'm pretty sure I also sang I Can't Help Falling in Love with You to the cat.

Day 4 - Saturday, 1/10:

I woke up annoyed and resentful.  I have been feeling for sometime that I was continuing to put too much energy into things I didn't really want to do anymore but that had to be taken care of anyway.  I was resentful that it took time away from my personal pursuits.  I'm quite sure I huffed and sighed a lot.

I slept in and then logged into work for an hour or so to finish a project.  I met up with a friend to go to the gym where for an hour I sweat and tried not to fall off the treadmill.  I had a good time catching up with him.  I got home, showered, did some writing and drumming then dressed for an evening out with yet another friend.  We had a fabulous time eating sushi, sipping martinis and chatting.  We had a couple of tasty beverages at a local bar followed by tea in my kitchen. We said good night.  I sang The Lion Sleeps Tonight to the cat and then watched a murder mystery.

Day 5 - Sunday, 1/11:

Overwhelmed.  At least that's what I wrote in the afternoon as I apparently forgot to write it down in the morning.

That day I had rehearsal for my troupe in the morning which went well and it was nice to see everyone after our holiday break.  I felt rather sad about some things I won't go into but there was thankfully a shoulder to cry on and hugs to be had.  I bought myself some comfort food and spent my afternoon working on craft projects, binging on Netflix and eating.  I may or may not have ingested a certain colorful crunchy cereal full of nothing at all good for my body but decidedly good for my peace of mind. I also drummed for an hour. I did make sure I went to be early as I had school the next day.  Yay for self care!

Day 6 - Monday, 1/12:

Anxious with some lingering sadness.  Also anticipation of the new semester.

I had my eye exam that morning which went as well as eye exams can go I guess, no change in my vision.  I then headed to campus to buy my last remaining text book and then off to class.  Class went far better than expected in two ways: 1.  It turns out the class, which is required for my degree, might actually be interesting and 2. though it requires a group project two of my classmates were people I'd worked with successfully before and we teamed up right away.  I did some shopping and managed to get lucky in the timing of my buses so I arrived home earlier than expected.  I did my reading for school, attempted to learn some samba steps from YouTube videos and then did some writing.  I worked on a craft project and watched the second episode of Downton Abbey on the PBS website

Day 7 - Tuesday, 1/13:

I let myself sleep in a bit.  Woke up somewhat fuzzy headed as I'd taken some allergy medication the night before  becuase I couldn't stop sneezing.  I was in an okay mood but then became super annoyed as the noise of construction from across the street filled the house sending my kitty to hide under the futon.

I worked this morning then headed to school.  Again a class I thought might be awful turned out not to be and my second class turned out to be as amazing as I'd hoped.  I headed home with a stop to pick up sour cream for my planned baked potato dinner.  Once home I fed the kitty, who was no longer in hiding, made myself dinner (which turned out to be AWESOME) and did my reading for school.  I then sat down to write this blog post.

And then...

I plan to write in more detail tomorrow about what I learned form this week long foray into morning mood tracking but I will say this one thing.  Despite waking up anxious nearly every morning with some not so great other  moods tossed in, I not only pretty much enjoyed my days but for the most part they ended on rather up notes.  Tomorrow we'll see if I can figure out why.

See look at clever me I'm getting not just one but TWO blog posts out of this!!!

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