Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The 9 Minute Blog Post


Today is the first day of the October NaBloPoMo commitment in which I’m going to run into a shortage of time and I’m wondering how I will squeeze in the time to write a decent blog post.  As I write this I’m only about 50 minutes out of bed,  15 minutes have passed since my first cup of coffee and I’m 10 minutes from beginning my work day.

My work day is only four hours long and I’m working from home, which makes life easier.  I’ve a lunch engagement after I’m done, then a cat related errand to run, before returning home to squeeze in an hour of study for an exam before heading off to the first of two classes I have today.  I’ll arrive home sometime around 10:00 pm tonight. 

After arriving home,  I’ll spend an hour on math homework while trying not to dwell on how I might have done on the exam.   I’ll make a cup of some sort of herbal tea, which I’ll plan to drink while reading in bed, but I’ll likely forget it’s there.   I’ll be too sleepy to continue after half a chapter and my day will come to a close.

So I guess the only time I have to squeeze in said blog post is now.  Have a nice day!

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