Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Between: Taking time...

The theme for this month’s NaBloPoMo is “Between.”  Tonight I’m writing my first post of the month on this topic. 

“I’m not okay today.  I’m hurting, I’m tired and right now I don’t want to be strong…”

These were the words a friend said to me earlier today during a discussion we were having about a personal struggle.   I am surrounded by people who I would call strong, and I include this person among them.  People who can push through nearly any pain or hardship in order to do what needs to be done, but sometimes that strength that can be so precious when needed  to accomplish something important, can be one’s worst enemy.  

It is an easy thing in the midst of struggle to fall into the trap of perpetual doing, of putting on the brave face and trying to make the world, or ourselves, think we are 100% okay all the time. To be able to stop and say that we are struggling, need a break or might need help is a brave thing.  In fact I think my friend’s words were indicative of just how strong a person he is, and not an admission of weakness.

It is okay to take five minutes to stop and breathe and find your center again.  It is okay to spend an afternoon making music to remind yourself in the midst of loss you can create beautiful things.  It is okay to dance for hours because you are angry or frustrated and words are not enough to express what you are carrying on the inside.   It is okay to make that call to a friend and talk their ear off about your daddy issues, or the baby crying too much, or your money problems.   It is okay to enjoy that eight hour marathon episode of Desperate Housewives because you need some time to not think about how you are going to get all 213 things on your to do list done by Friday. 

These between times when we stop the doing to deal with whatever it is we have going on, however it is we deal with it, are important and necessary.  And all the other stuff that we tell ourselves needs to accomplished, will still be there in five minutes, or an hour or tomorrow.  And in five minutes, or an hour or tomorrow we will be still be strong enough to do them. 

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