Monday, October 3, 2011

Why I'm having fish sticks for breakfast...

I don’t usually buy into the Monday blues.  Since I stopped working the 9-5 corporate job I don’t really have Mondays anymore; at least not as far as there being an end to my weekend and the beginning of my work week.  One of the jobs I work is retail and so having a full weekend off is a rarity, and lately it seems even my days off from work are filled with appointments and catching up.  However today is a Monday, not only in the literal sense, but in that…ugh, has this much gone wrong already and it’s only 10:00?

The day began with a stress dream at about 5:00AM in which I was running to some destination with an arm load of paper work that had to be delivered on behalf of a sick friend and every sort of possible delay was occurring.  I dropped it in a puddle, I got lost, there was a train blocking my path, and on and on.  I awoke from the dream with a feeling of panic that I couldn’t quite shake so I lay in bed playing Bejeweled on my phone for a half hour or so and then fell back to sleep.

Three hours later I was awake a full half hour before I’d set my alarm.  I felt achy and sniffly.  This could be fall allergies or the beginnings of the plague that everyone else in my life has been unfortunate enough to have to suffer through.    Sleeping in is likely what I need, but I’ve things to do, like a math homework assignment and sending out a round of press releases for a show at the end of the month.  So I did my best to rise and at least dimly glow.

I fed the cats and started coffee.  While it was brewing I sat at my computer to log into the system for doing my math homework online.  It only took a minute for me to realize I could not access it since I misunderstood the due date (yesterday).   As the coffee pot continued its gurgle and brew and since my math plans were thwarted, I decided to do a few edits to the press release and discovered that through some technological hiccup it has been translated into the language of gobbledygook.  Unfortunately, the land of Gobbledy is too far away for any of its citizens to attend the show and from what I understand they are not big theater fans anyway, so I’ll be rewriting it in English.

Now here I am, with my cup of coffee at hand and a pile of ibuprofen, allergy meds, vitamin c and my other pills of various size ready to be downed as a defense against whatever form of sniffles seems to be coming my way.   My next step is to make breakfast but since all of my other scheduled plans have gone awry this morning, in an attempt the throw off whatever Monday gremlin is messing with my day, I’m ditching my planned waffles in favor of fish sticks. 

Happy Monday to all.  

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