Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good sleeping weather

Last night I’d spent my evening attending a going away event for a friend moving across country, followed by treating myself to some hot wings and a pint while watching the UFC fights at a local sports bar (I’m a spinster of eclectic tastes.  I’ve been known to bring my crochet bag to a boxing match).  The walk home around midnight was through misty wet streets and while it wasn’t a soaking rain, I was quite damp by the time I arrived at my front door. 

You might think I’d crank the heat and put on my wooly socks but instead, after changing out of my wet clothes, I piled on some extra blankets and snuggled down into bed with the windows open.  I fell asleep with the cool air and sounds of the rain coming in through the window.  Shortly before drifting off I was aware that all three of my cats had made their way onto the bed and curled up next to me.   

There is something wonderfully cozy about being cocooned under layers of blankets with the cool air kissing my nose.  This morning I wanted nothing more than the stay curled up in the warmth of my bed, listening to the rain and the wind outside, but I had three cat faces purring at me to get up and feed them, and I do have to be at work early for a meeting this morning. 

So my cozy lay in was not meant to be, but I very much enjoyed the bit that I had.   There will hopefully be many other rainy Sundays in my future, but I’d happily settle for a rainy Saturday too.

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