Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 6: Waking Up

What are your first thoughts in the morning?  I don't mean the "oh is it morning already." "I have to pee," "what was that crazy dream all about," "where's the coffee," "has the cat been fed" etc. type questions.  I mean what goes through your mind when you are preparing for your day?

Yesterday I had a rather sluggish morning.  I had little motivation to do much of anything and my thoughts were turning very much to how I could spend the day avoiding the world by hiding under the covers all day.  This was not in a "I have a day off let's relax, eat chips and watch horror films in bed all day" sort of feeling.  It was an, "ugh - another day to have to deal with life and the world" sort of feeling.; I just didn't want to be bothered with the prospect of existence.

This changed when  friend stopped by just to say hello and bring me a coffee.  The interaction managed to shift my mind set enough that I ended up  not only in a better mood but also the day took a more productive turn.  I got in a couple of hours of dance practice, did some financial planning, started drafting an essay for a scholarship application and cooked an awesome dinner for myself.  Had I not had that interaction I'd have like spent the day browsing the web and binging on Netflix.  If I was productive at all it likely would have been much, much later in the day.

This morning I woke up with thoughts of getting things done; this blog post, finishing off soup that had been in the crockpot over night, working a bit and then running errands later in the day (so far the soup is bubbling away and the blog post is half written). In the past I have had quite a few mornings, such as when the semester is in full swing, that I wake up feeling overwhelmed.  There are other days, perhaps when I have plans with friends, that I wake up with happier expectations.

It has occurred to me to try to keep track of what my mood is like at the beginning of the day and how I end up feeling when the day is over, or how productive of a day I have, but I've never really been all that good at keeping track of such things over the long haul.  However, I think I could do it for perhaps a week.  School begins on Monday and I've a lot to do over the next few days so it would be a good time to see how my morning thoughts impact the rest of my day.

At the minimum I'll likely at least get another blog post out of it.  :-)

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