Sunday, November 6, 2016

Day 6: Quiet, gratitude and wishes...

Tonight things are peaceful.  My sick feeling of yesterday is passing; the friends who told me 24 - 48 hours appear to have been right.  I played music with my troupe this morning and after I tackled a household project I'd wanted to do since moving back into this apartment.

I have some wonderful quiet music playing, a few candles lit and some incense burning.  It is warm and my kitty is curled up near me.  And I'm munching some rippled potato chips - a guilty pleasure of mine.

Tonight, I am feeling gratitude for all of these things and for much more.

I am grateful that, for the time being anyway, I live in a place where I am safe.  I am grateful for the supportive friends and family that I have and for the community that I am a part of.  I am grateful that I have people I can turn to when I am sad or in pain.

I am grateful for all of the deep personal work I have done this year.  I am grateful that I can recognize how far I have come.

I am grateful that I have a voice with which I can speak up for those unable to speak for themselves or to help amplify their own words.  I am grateful that I have a body which, when needed, can be counted among the many who stand for peace and justice.

I recognize that there are so many people in this world who do not have these things and I recognize that there have been many times that I did not as well.  I am grateful that my eyes are open to the pain of the world because it is only with opened eyes and hearts that we can see the change that needs to happen.

My wish for the world tonight is that we all find a place where we feel safe, warm and sheltered in both body and heart.  That we all find a day where we feel loved and supported.  That we all find a way in which we can contribute to a world where no one goes hungry, where we are all healthy and we've enough left in us to give to the future.

And finally, I wish that, while the day where all in the world have all that they need, may not come in my lifetime, I will always find time and energy to do the work needed to help that day arrive.


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