Monday, November 7, 2016

Day 7: Good friends...


They are one of those things I consider a treat.  Tonight I ate an oyster with spicy peppers.  It was one of many tapas that were served along side the cocktails I indulged in at a local restaurant (Lolita - which  has a wonderful night called Tapas Monday which you really should try if you are ever in Portland, Maine on a Monday night). 

I was at this place in the company and recommendation of a friend who very kindly offered to listen to my woes while we sipped and ate.  

There was salted cod, octopus, oysters, fried pork, chorizo sausage and something with egg and mashed potatoes.  All delicious, and filling. 

But the best part was the company.  We all need those friends who when they hear of our pain, dial us up and say, "Hey, do you want to just escape for a little while?  And if you don't want escape, if you'd rather vent,  I'm here to listen."

You know what?  I'm quite lucky to have a few of those folks in my life.  

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