Saturday, November 5, 2016

Day 5: Rest

Today I am sick.  I have the sniffles and a cough.  My body is tired and asks for rest and I giving it that.

I've spent most of day in bed.  Napping, watching Penny Dreadful on Netflix, drinking tea and eating soup.  Everyone tells me this tends to be a 24 hour bug and that by tomorrow I'll likely feel much improved.

There was a time when I did not do "not doing" well.  When I would have pushed through whatever sickness or hurt I had and press on.  Take this pill and go to work.  But I have learned the value of rest and healing.

My "To Do" list has been set a side for the day.  I will pick it up tomorrow.  I know I may not complete as much as I'd like, but that is okay.  Today though I need quiet.  I need peace.  I need rest.

I need to let my body fight this virus and, with the events of the past couple of days, I need to let my heart rest too.

I am, in this moment, feeling a bit proud of my snifflely self.  I am caring for myself without guilt or a feeling of being selfish.  I am caring for myself because I know this is what my body and my heart need.

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