Friday, October 5, 2012

September, September...where did you go?

Oh September where did you go to?  I had so much I wanted to do while you were here and it seems that time just got away from me and here it is October already. We had such grand plans didn't we?

Way back at the beginning of the month I posted a list of things I wanted to accomplish in September.  Of course one week after penning this list I decided to pack up my life and move to a different part of this city.  While I wish I could claim to be a superwoman and share that despite the sudden upheaval and chaos that deciding to move brought into my life I still crossed off all of things on my list...I can't.  I can't even claim that I managed to do most of them...

1. Clean my closet:  Well I did more than clean my closet!  In fact I managed to move the entire closet across town to a whole new home.  I'd say, mission accomplished!

2. Create a budget for the remainder of 2012:  When I wrote this one down I was full of all sorts of good intentions.  After all, one of the biggest reasons I decided to move was to save some money so a budget should be at the top of the list as a way to further nurture my budding frugality.  Except for the fact that I 100% completely forgot to actually do it.

3. Spend more time at the library:  When I wrote this one I had plans to spend quiet evenings studying at the university library after my Tuesday and Thursday classes.  I'd find one of those comfy chairs with a view of the ocean and there I'd sit listening to jazz for my Saturday morning class while writing amazing essays sure to impress the heck out of my professors.  But then I decided to move and had less than three weeks to prepare and so my Tuesday and Thursday evenings were filled with sorting my belongings into boxes.  I grabbed study time where I could but it was almost never at the library.

4. Start school:  Yay!  This one may have been pretty easy (all I had to do was show up) but the way this list is going so far it's nice to add another "mission accomplished" to the list.

5. Dance every day: For the first half of September I was very successful at this.  Signing up for the 90 Day Dance Challenge helped and I even managed to dance on a few nights when I simply was not feeling the desire at all but you know that saying about doing something for three weeks makes it a habit?  Well I never quite got that far.

6. Prepare crafts for the holiday craft fairs:  I'm not sure I even picked up a crochet hook in September other than to pack it.  Yeah...

7. Attempt to bake gluten free bread:  When in the world did I really think I would fit this one in?

8. Do my homework:  Yes!!!  Mission 100% accomplished.  Despite the chaos of the past month I managed to get all of my assignments completed and handed in on time. Not only that but I received excellent grades on all of them.

9. Get performer bios up on the troupe website:  Once again, big plans.  I've been saying I'd do this for months and really I was just waiting for summer and the busy performance season that accompanies it to be over so I could get started on this.  However, as both seasons came to an end, life wasn't any less busy and in fact I managed to fill my time with even more things.

10. Make a list for October:  Can I just take what I didn't do in September and do it this month?  

Throwing a move into the mix a week after the creation of this list sort of threw one giant monkey wrench into the middle of my big "Get Shit Done in September" plan.  The fact that I packed and moved myself (with the assistance of a lot of awesome friends) and still managed to get even one or two things crossed off the above list is probably something worth patting myself on the back about.  I might not get a gold star but I'm at least due a participation award for showing up!  Right?   

And maybe a consolation shot of tequila?

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