Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Verdict is Mostly in...

I’m about to say something that I never thought would pass my lips for some time but it’s true…

(...drum roll please….)

I am liking having roommates again.  Okay, at least I like these particular roommates – I don’t think I’d be liking it quite so much of they were, you know, douchebags.  In fact I like this new situation enough that in some ways it’s hard to believe that it has only been just over two weeks since I moved from my tiny, solitary apartment on the other side of town to my new home.   

I like that the humans in the house converse with the cats nearly as much as each other.

I like having slightly tipsy late night conversations by candlelight in the living room.

I like the half coherent “good mornings” muttered my way during the pre-coffee kitchen shuffles as I work at my desk.

I like watching movies on the couch and sharing my popcorn.

I really like shared litter box duty.

I like that we all have our own space and that space is respected.

But of course it has only been just over two weeks.  It’s still possible that they could turn out to be slimy lizard aliens living in disguise or closet collectors of all things My Little Pony but chances are they are simply decent human beings who are likable and easy to live with.

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