Saturday, September 1, 2012

September to Do List

I used to be very fond of lists.  I made them so I wouldn't forget what to take on a trip (it also prevented me from packing to much).  Before I began a new art project I made a list of all the steps I'd take to get it accomplished.  At the beginning of every work day I made a daily "To Do" list.  I had a particular love for shopping lists, especially those that went along with putting on a dinner party.  I'm not sure how I got out of this habit but I bet it had something to do with feeling too busy to make a list.

Lists are helpful.  They let me break big projects down into manageable chunks, prevent me from forgetting (or stressing about forgetting) important steps and they keep me organized.  I think I miss my lists.  I don't know if I necessarily actually accomplished more when I made them but I am pretty sure I felt overwhelmed a lot less often  and life seemed at least a bit more manageable.

All of this was brought to mind this morning when I read Denise's post in the List Lovers Unite group on Blogher about ten things she would like to accomplish in the month of September.  Her items aren't super huge goals; they are all things that can indeed be accomplished within September's 30 days.  Since I'm feeling all list fond and inspired this morning (thank you Denise) I think I'll make a September "To Do List" for myself...

1. Clean my closet
2. Create a budget for the remainder of 2012
3. Spend more time at the library
4. Start school
5. Dance every day
6. Prepare crafts for the holiday craft fairs
7. Attempt to bake gluten free bread
8. Do my homework
9. Get performer bios up on the troupe website
10. Make a list for October

I'm going to put a note in my calendar to check back and see which of these I have accomplished.  I'm pretty sure I'll at least get to number 4 and number 10.  I really hope I do numbers 8 and 5.  I'll let you know at the end of the month.

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