Monday, October 10, 2011

The Process

This image has been making its way around Facebook lately.  Most of my creative type friends have shared it; I’ve passed it along as well.   Nearly each person has added their own personal comment when passing it along adding things like:  frustrated screaming, dates with Jack Daniels, breaking things and spontaneous house cleaning.   The reason we find it amusing is because each of us has had direct experience with how much of a struggle the creative process can be.  

I think of the times I’ve spent staring at a blank page waiting for the words to tell the story that is in my mind and they simply won’t come or the frustration of listening to the same section of music over and over again hoping that this time the choreography that conveys the emotion I hear in the music will make itself known to me.  And once the words are written or the choreography is laid out there are still hours of editing or rehearsals to come before the piece is presented to its intended audience.  Behind all of this the possibility that the story or dance piece might not ever be seen by eyes other than those of its creator.

The creative process is work.  It is at times frustrating work and I can’t think of anyone who has not had the best and worst of themselves brought out by it.   We are uplifted and laid low, but thankfully somewhere along the way we’ve learned to laugh at ourselves.  

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