Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Single and NOT hating it...

"Perverted misanthropes, crazy cat ladies, dating-obsessed shoe shoppers, etc.—all of them some form of terribly lonely." - Kate Bolick

The above quote is from  All the Single Ladies, an article by Kate Bolick published in this months issue of the Atlantic.   It is getting enough attention that this morning she was a guest on the Today show in the above feature about the rise of the single woman.  She was joined by Dr. Janet Taylor, a psychologist. 

The quote above is referring to how, for most of recent history, single women have been seen in our culture.  I have not yet read the entire article, but I have watched the video on the MSNBC website.   For the most part the piece is a positive one.  Though at first MSNBC seems to be pushing the idea that the reason so many women are single is because the men that are are available are just simply not good enough and thus we are all settling for being alone.  Thankfully both Ms. Bolick and Dr. Taylor correct this assumption. 

Ms. Bolick mentions being able to "provide my own security, " and that marriage is no longer something that is required for financial stability.  In addition, Dr. Taylor adds that women are choosing being single "with emotional contentment" and not because they are simply being forced to get comfortable with being alone.    Both stress that being single can be as valid a choice as marriage, and one that is made not because they can't find a mate, but because they like their lives the way they are. 

It is nice to see single women being talked about in a positive light.  After all, those of us on the edge of becoming crazy cat ladies (as long as I don't go over three, I'm okay right?) are not lonely in the least...we are simply crazy about cats. 

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