Saturday, November 28, 2015


I am having an evening of frustration.  Right now I want nothing more than to be sitting on one of the upper decks enjoying the cooler evening air while writing in my journal but...

...the pool has just been repainted and so most of the upper deck is rather fumalicious right now and while it might give me a bit of a buzz, it does not make my lungs happy. 
...Deck 8 had students playing music on their laptops; no quiet there.
...Deck 7 had a talent show rehearsal going on portside and the smokers are out on starboard.

So I'm back in my cabin, in the chilly over AC'd air feeling rather grumpy. 

Earlier in the evening however I did enjoy a rather lovely sunset while eating dinner on Deck 9.  This was a good moment.  The air was warm and humid but not oppressive.  For whatever reason the early dinner crowd was smaller than usual so it was rather peaceful.  I'm trying to re-manifest the sense of calm and peace I felt while watching the sun go down over the sea (something which truly, I don't think I'll ever tire of watching) so I'll at least go to bed feeling a little less annoyed.

Mornings are the only peaceful time aboard ship when we are at sea, so my goal is to rise early and do my writing before breakfast.  Good night!

NOTE:  I think I may have put the incorrect date of our Panama Canal Transit on yesterday's post.  We the canal at about 8AM local time on Thursday, December 3rd. 

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