Monday, November 30, 2015

Groggy Morning

It is early, just after 6:00AM ship time (it could be 5:00AM local time by we never seem to be in sync when not in port).  The sun is still below the horizon and the sky is just beginning to show the barest hint of pink.  Venus, Mars and the waning moon are in a long line high across the sky.  I am on Deck 9 watching the window of the dining room for when the coffee appears.   It seems to be a bit late today. 

I had intended to write a blog post last night but once again my cabin was the only quiet place.  Quiet is normally quite nice but as often happens, the soft roll of the ship lulled me to sleep.  I was out by 9:00PM.  I slept for nine hours.  I had a long an involved dream about being married to the this very well off older man who treated me very kindly and who I adored, but later found out was an army general responsible for a horrible genocide half-way around the world. 

I may want to reconsider my habit of falling asleep to the documentaries they stream on the ship's TV.

This morning I don't feel rested.  I feel groggy.  I had hoped to share a post about one of the personal insights that has been brought to light by this journey, but I'm only coming up with the realization that having a cabin without a window seems to have truly messed with my sleep patterns.  Even if I choose to stay in bed, I have generally always awakened with the sun.  Waking to an alarm to find my eyes opening to near total darkness is just not something I've managed to get used to.

These wonderful slowly brightening mornings on deck though?  These I could keep. 

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