Sunday, September 13, 2015

Semester at Sea Update

Good day!

After 15 hours of travel, I have safely arrived in London with my bags and body intact! I spent the night at the Hilton International Heathrow Hotel.  I admit that due to being exhausted from my journey I chose not to venture into the city but instead to stay here, rest, eat and take advantage of the opportunity to meet some of my fellow students.  I had a restful evening.  This morning I feel ready to begin. 

In just a few short hours I will be stepping aboard the MV World Odyssey for the first time and beginning my three month long adventure around the world.  An adventure I would not have been able to do without all of your support.

I am still feeling a bit astonished that this is all really happening.  Back in November when I first applied to be a student of Semester at Sea, September seemed so far away.  Ten months no longer seems all that long as day of departure has finally arrived.  I am about to leave my hotel room to have breakfast after which I will recheck that my bags are set to go and soon after I will board the shuttlebus that will take me to Southampton and the ship.

I will be sending updates to all of you when I am in port.  You can expect an email about every other week.  You may also follow my journey at my blog,

I am very happy to share my journey with all of you.  Thank you once again for all of you love and support.

The journey begins...


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