Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 25: How do you want people to describe you?

The Mission Statement:  Day 2 (based on Creating a New Mission Statement from the New York Times)

It is Day 2 of my attempt to craft a personal mission statement.  Today's question is, "How do you want people to describe you?"

Unlike yesterday's question I do not have a string of words popping into my brain. In fact I'm feeling a bit awkward about the whole thing.  I suppose the point of this question, and yesterday's question, is to ask what kind of person you would like to be rather than what kind of person are you right now.  A mission statement is after all supposed to help you to find your "individual sense of purpose" by defining what you want to be and how you might get there. 

The Times article explains that the personal mission statement idea comes from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which I've never read and it's likely the sort of thing that I would dismiss a hokey but it does say this:
"[Your personal mission statement] focuses on what you want to be and do. It is your plan for success. It reaffirms who you are, puts your goals in focus, and moves your ideas into the real world. Your mission statement makes you the leader of your own life. You create your own destiny and secure the future you envision."
Ok, that's a whole to to ask of a few sentences but we are only on step number two.  Now let's take a deep breath (iiiiinhale, eeeeexhale...gooood)...

I want people to describe me as unique and creative.  I definitely want to be described as independent, interesting and adventurous.  I want to be described as loving and honest.  I want to be described as kind.  I'd like to be described as beautiful (is that too superficial?). I'd like to be described as dependable.  I'd also like to be described as being wise, generous and a good listener.  I want to be described as being a good friend. 

Hmmm...I think that covers most of it.  It looks like I pretty much want to be described as an awesome human.  Right now I'm not really sure how I'll get there but then finding my way is a big part of what this process is all about.

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