Monday, December 29, 2014

Day 29: Existance and Death

Thanks to the Imagination Prompt Generator I find myself contemplating my existence and death.

What do you sense you are supposed to do before your life is over?

Contemplating my existence and death are actually not uncommon things for me to do.  I spend more time than I should ruminating about both. When it comes to contemplating my existence I find myself asking why am I here (I don't know), what my motivation is to continue to exist (I've so much I want to do!!!) and finally how will I get it all done before I die?  Shit.  It's time to get busy.

Honestly I don't think I'm "supposed" to do anything.  I mean the only basic imperative we have, as dictated by out biology, is to exist long enough to pass on our genes, right?  If only life were that simple.  Yes we are mammals with all the basic biological urges as any other mammal but we also have these big brains that think...a lot.  We ponder things, we can imagine things and we also have this drive to make the things we imagine come to life. So I'd amend the above; whether it's babies or ideas we have a deeply rooted urge to create.

If that is what we as humans are supposed to do than I am grateful because I have a near compulsion to create.  I create with fiber, cloth, music, dance, words, paint, paper; I can't stop myself from doing it. Even in an empty room I will soon find myself humming or composing poetry aloud.  I find my inspiration in my experiences.  Sometimes those experiences are direct, such as travel, and other times it is the words of others and their stories. Along with this compulsion to create is the desire to share those creations.  Which of course means I need a community to share it with.

In looking back at the above question of "what do you sense you are supposed to do before your life is over?"  I'd respond with the following list:

1. Experience as much of the world and the ideas that fill it as I can.
2. Create.  Bring those ideas and experiences to life. 
3. Share those creations.
4. Build community.

And finally, do as much of it as I possibly can before I die!

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