Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day 28: Stuck

I'm stuck. 

I've browsed my favorite blog prompt sites and nothing has struck me.  I've drifted through Pinterest boards to no avail.  I've scrolled through old blog posts seeking inspiration.  And it is not quite time for my end of the year list  (I prefer to save the "Then best things of ___" and "10 things I hope for in ____" for the second to last and last day of the year).  So here I sit face to face with a serious case of writer's block.

Which leaves me with basically two choices:

1. Give up
2. Write about my writer's block

I'm going for option number two because however it might go or whatever words pour out of me, I will end up with a blog post.  It may not be my best post, but it will at least exist.

This is the part of the Month of Blogging that is always a challenge for me.  I choose to do the month of blogging for a couple of reasons, the challenge of it, the discipline of developing a daily writing habit (though it never seems to stick around for long once school begins again) and to force myself to face my inclination towards perfectionism when it comes to my writing. 

I want every post to be moving in some way.  Whether you laugh or cry or get angry I want my words to somehow touch you.  I want the story that I tell to be clear and well told with prose that flows easily into your mind.  I want to paint a vivid picture for the reader so they walk away with an understanding of what I am trying to say.  Fitting 30 days of perfect blog posts into my life is not something that is achievable, there will be some posts that are better than others.

And so I have come to accept that there will be days, like today, where the inspiration does not come easily.  I will struggle to find the words that convey when is in my heart.  And I may fail in the attempt. 

I am not sure if today is one of those days, but it is okay with me if it is.

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