Friday, February 21, 2014


This morning I woke up grumpy.  My subconscious had spent my hours of slumber hammering me with dreams of frustration that would have made a former therapist of mine squeal with Jungian glee.  The first words from my mouth upon waking were to tell it to shut up.

The cat responded with a soft, "Mer?"

"Not you," I reassured him, "My brain is being an asshole."

I looked at the clock and realized I'd over slept by nearly an hour having apparently neglected to set the alarm.  With the errands I had to run this morning before work that there was no way I'd get to the studio for my usual Friday morning dance time.

I huffed loudly, stepped out of bed and into a pool of wet.  After brief moment of, oh hurl, I noticed the overturned cup on the floor.  Either I, in my night of thrashing over bad dreams, or a cat, in an Everest adventure to the top of the dresser, had knocked over my bedside glass of water in the middle of the night.

I went to the kitchen, turned on the kettle, fed the mewing fur babies, peed, fetched a towel, wiped up the mess, texted my sorry state of annoyance to a friend, turned off the kettle, filled the french press, put on pants, pulled a mug from the cupboard, pressed the plunger on the french press, poured myself a cup of coffee and finally sat down...


Whether it was the coffee entering my system to do what coffee does or just the moment of sitting still, my brain began to make shift from agitated-woe-is-me-annoyance to well-the-day-is-gonna-be-whatever-its-gonna-be-and-at-least-it-isn't-snowing.  And then I found myself smirking at my own frustrations and shortly thereafter I began to write a blog post.  Something I've not done in nearly a month.

And now of course I'm even more behind than I was when I woke up an hour late but I'm also remembering that next door to one of the places I need to stop this morning is a coffee shop.  A coffee shop that I happen to have a gift certificate to and which serves coffee that is a great improvement over the survival swill I've been drinking these past few weeks.

So off I go into this at-least-it-isn't-snowing, somewhat dreary wet day and I'm not feeling quite so bad about it.  Today I am grateful for coffee.

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