Sunday, December 16, 2012

How to be productive...

I'm thinking today about my New Year's resolutions, well really it is re more like a New Year's I might be able to change this about myself if I have enough discipline and actually remember that I want to do it list.  But anyway, one of the things that I'd like to change in my life is to eliminate distractions that lead me down the road to being unproductive which can lead to having to complete things at the last minute which leaves me cranky and stressed out... 

My biggest distractions?  My iPhone and my computer.  My plan is to actually set aside an hour each day where I turn off my iPhone and my laptop but here is one possible solution for this particular problem.  

Miranda July: The Future on


  1. Thought provoking. I am an easily distracted person, so I'm always trying to find ways of tricking myself into being productive.