Monday, December 17, 2012

All work and no play?

The BlogHer NaBlaPoMo prompt for today is:  Agree or disagree: All work and no play makes you a dull girl.

Oh I agree.  All work with little time for recreation doesn't just make me dull, it makes me down right cranky.  We all need down time and I certainly am no exception. Going too long without some sort of break leaves me feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  I'm unpleasant to be around and I become prone to crying jags.  So what do I do to prevent this?

 ...go for a walk a friend just to chat 
...veg out to Netflix or Hulu
...bake cookies and then convince my roommates to eat them all
...write for an audience of one (me) music
...indulge in a bubble bath

While I know that generally I always have all of these options is isn't always easy to remember to actually take a break.  And the trick is of course to take breaks often enough that I don't find myself in that place of feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. It is easy to dismiss it as just one more thing that has to be scheduled or planned when really all I may have to do is STOP, put on my boots and take a fifteen minute stroll down to the waterfront, or pause to watch the sunset which I see from my living room.  Fifteen or twenty minutes isn't generally going to make or break whatever it is I may be working on.

It is on my list of self improvement goals for 2013, though it is probably something I should get started on now.  In fact I think I'll go see what is on my Netflix cue right now...after I make popcorn of course.

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