Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 5 Almost Didn't Happen

I don't think I've stopped moving since I woke up this morning.  I've been so busy, work, meeting on a film project, work, study, make dinner, eat dinner, study, catch up on emails, follow up on phone calls, begin work on an upcoming fundraising event...wait what am I forgetting?

OH RIGHT! I have to write a blog post.  It's 9:15 and I've just now turned my thoughts to writing.

Anyone who thinks that single people spend their days either eating bonbons and pining away for unrequited/lost/nonexistent love or wiling away the hours at one social engagement after another without a care in the world except for where the next party is hasn't spent five minutes in my life or the lives of most of the unattached folks that I know.  I do have days that I decide I'm not going to do a darned thing but those days are rare and in fact, I usually need to plan them weeks in advance.  So much for footloose and fancy free...

Not that I'm complaining!  In fact there is very little that I do that I don't enjoy.  Things like litter box scooping, laundry, dishes, cleaning up hairballs, sorting socks and detangling my hair all make the list of acts that I find at least mildly unpleasant.  Oh, and sorting buttons which I have avoided doing for quite some time.  Generally though my life is full in that  I just ate a large slice of tourtière with a cup of homemade hot chocolate for desert sort of way...

...perhaps feeling a little stuffed but mostly nourished, warm, happy and maybe in need of a nap.

PS - in looking this over "moving" hasn't really been a part of the equation at all today.  In fact it has been full of a lot of sitting.  So I've one more thing to do before bed...DANCE!

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