Monday, September 5, 2011

Spinster Jane Gets a Case of the Vapors

You know how sometimes life gives you a bit of a wake up call?  I received one of those last week in the form of a fainting episode on Thursday afternoon while the troupe I manage and perform with was attending a week long festival.  I'd been pushing myself hard all week and by the time Thursday rolled around I was very much on the edge of exhaustion.  A couple of days of not paying attention to what I was eating (I've had blood sugar issues for much of my adult life), a lack of sleep and a bit of time sitting in the blazing sun and it really was no surprise that as I walked back to the car to head to our hotel, I found myself feeling light headed and then, the world began to go dark.

Thankfully I was not alone when this happened and was able to lean on the arm of a friend to prevent myself from falling.  After some food, a couple of hours of rest and some re-hydrating I was at least somewhat closer to my normal self.  While I have had these episodes before and they are not something highly life threatening they are preventable and when I do my part, eating right, resting enough, exercising and staying well hydrated, I can go months or even years without issue.  

The past couple of months have brought a lot of changes into my life.  These changes have all been good.  So many parts of my life are expanding in ways that I never expected and so I'm adjusting.  However, while all of this has been beneficial, it has been a bit disruptive and my usual rhythms of self care have basically been tossed out the window.  

This has to change.  No only am I generally a happier person when I am well (I mean who isn't really...sick people are often cranky people) but I am also better able to put forth the energy I want to put towards those things that fill me up with joy:  creating, spending time with those I love, learning, etc.  I can't do any of these things well if I'm tired, foggy headed and cranky.  

So since I'm an adult and thus 100% responsible for my own well being, I am hereby taking the steps that I need to take to ensure that I can keep doing all of these things and be happy well doing it.  I'm vowing to myself, with the cats and all of you as my witness, that I will do better.  I don't expect perfection right off the bat, but I will improve.

Aside from eating right, resting, exercising, etc. I'm also trying to get a better handle on my time management.   So one of things I'm going to change is to set days on which this blog is updated.  From here on out you can expect updates on Mondays and Thursdays.  While there may from time to time be more frequent updates, you can expect at least two per week on these days.

See you again on Thursday.  Until then.

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