Thursday, September 8, 2011

People. They aren't so bad...

Spinsters, we like living our lives in a solo fashion.   We enjoy being the one sitting in the saddle directing our lives.  In fact we enjoy it so much that this is our prime directive, to live it in a way that we can survive and thrive without the assistance of other human beings.  

Okay, well this is only partially true.  Independent is definitely an adjective that, should someone ever ask, would be definitely be applied to me.  It is true that I meet all of my basic survival needs on my own.  While money can be tight at times, I have managed to create a life where I can live by myself and pay all of my bills.  I don’t starve and I have a bit left over to have some fun.  However, despite my solitary and independent tendencies, I do actually like people. 

Yes, it’s true.  I not only like people; I go out of my way to be social and spend time with them. I enjoy the company of other human beings.  So here is my list of ten reasons why I like people (yes, I know…top ten lists are a bit of a blog cop out but…hey, it’s late on a Thursday night, and it is MY blog after all, so there).

Spinster Jane’s Top Ten Things She Likes About Her Fellow Humans (in no particular order of course):
  • Sex.  Yes, I’m just getting this one out of the way right now.  Sex is fun. Sex is good and while sex alone is entertaining, really it is a whole heck of a lot more fun with another person.
  • Listening.  Now my cats are great listeners.  They will sit in my lap and purr away while I unload a day’s worth of troubles, but really I’m pretty sure that while I’m doing this they are actually wondering when the human can opener is going to stop rambling and make use of her thumbs to feed them.  People on the other hand, actually care. 
  • Stories (or Listening Part II).  People are interesting.  I love hearing someone else’s tale.  Everyone has a story of some kind and nearly everyone likes to talk about themselves.   I love hearing all of it and I’ve yet to be bored.
  • The spectacle.  We’ve all spent time people watching.  It is a pastime that never grows old.   Bus stops, dance clubs, bars, shopping centers…there is no cover charge for this particular show.
  • Food.  This one is a bit Spinster Jane specific.  I love to cook.  I especially love to cook elaborate multi course meals.  These are much more fun to do if there are actually other people around to eat the food (plus you know…they usually offer to do the dishes).
  • Back rubs.  You really can’t give one to yourself now can you?  And there is this unwritten, universal, agreement that if you give one, you get one back.   It’s one of those rare win-win situations. 
  • Parties.  Yep…keggers are not much fun when you are alone.   First you need help getting the damn thing up the stairs, and…okay seriously, gatherings are fun.   It’s when the spectacle and the story part get to come together.   A well planned party is entertaining for the guests and the hostess. 
  • Friends.  I may not want to be paired off forever but I do like having people in my life long term.  I adore my friends.  Those I am close to have seen me at my high and low points, and I’ve seen them at their best and worst too.   They are my cheerleaders and most of them are quite willing to tell me when I am being an unreasonable shit.  My life would be empty without them.
  • Gifts.  Now, now I’m not talking about the getting part.  I mean the giving.  There is something really wonderful about finding just the right gift for a friend, even if there is no occasion.  It is a thrill to give or do that special thing you know will totally make someone’s day.  It’s a buzz like no other.
  • Pizza delivery.  Do I really need to add to explain this one?
Until Monday…

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