Monday, July 25, 2011

The Underwear Avalanche that Wasn't

I’m exhausted; bone weary.  I feel like I could just crawl beneath the covers and sleep until morning.   I did get to bed rather late last night and I didn’t sleep all that well, but despite two naps today I am still wiped out.   I should feel completely justified in going to bed early.  I’m probably the last person most would call a slacker and yet I’m finding I can’t just allow myself to put things off for another day and go to bed. 

I have emails and phone calls I said I’d return by this evening, a few of whom aren’t going to take, “Hey, I’m feeling a bit low energy today, can I get back to you tomorrow?” as a valid excuse for delay and I also don’t like to go back on my word.

I also have a load of laundry to do and dishes to wash and a lunch to make for work tomorrow.  Again, I could put these things off because I’m the only one who is going to suffer the consequences if these tasks are not done, but I know my own habit for procrastination and if I don’t do at least the minimum right now, the Spinster Nest will go from quaintly cluttered to superfund site in a matter of days.   My friends will wonder why they have not heard from me and when a rescue team is sent they’ll need corpse hounds to find my decaying body beneath the piles of dirty laundry and potato chip bags that toppled over onto me while I was working the lazy in bed. 

So I pulled my tired self off the couch and did some communicating.  I’m not sure I was completely coherent and I said, “I’ll get back to you on that” more than once but it’s done.  I’ve taken a load of laundry down stairs to the machine, deposited the requisite five quarters and in a half hour I and another dollar twenty five will venture down once more and transfer it to the dryer.   I’ve even managed to squeeze in this blog post documenting my Conquering of the Tired, and after it’s posted I’m headed to the kitchen, to make egg salad and wash dishes.

The minimum will then be done and I can happily climb beneath the covers feeling satisfied that I’ve met my promised deadlines and with the peace of mind that comes with knowing one is safe from an avalanche of underwear and snack food detritus. 

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