Sunday, July 24, 2011


It’s Saturday night, 9:29 PM.  It’s too hot and despite the two fans that have been running night and day my apartment does not offer much relief.  I’m feeling bored and a bit listless. I’ve a million ways I could entertain myself or find company and I find none of them are able to hold my attention long enough to take action.

I’ve just poured a glass of chilled chardonnay and water is already condensing on the surface of the wine glass.  I’ve wandered about the apartment, dusted random objects; cleaned the futon of cat hair; tossed a stray dirty sock into the laundry basket.  I’ve sampled every type of cracker in my kitchen (there are three), nibbled a few olives and ultimately decided to cook a package of ramen simply for something to do.  Droplets of water are sliding down the wineglass stem and I know it won’t be long before they pool at the base, leaving a wet ring that I will likely find later with my elbow and suffer a moment of, “Oh gross what is that?” before I recall that it is from the glass of wine I imbibed earlier in the evening. 

I could blame my current state on the heat but I think it is due to having free and unscheduled time sneak up on me.  My life has become so full and busy that the only way to manage it has been to keep everything scheduled.  Each day structured to squeeze in the maximum amount of achievement.   And now suddenly, on this Saturday night, I find I’ve hours of open time; a void that I could fill with anything and instead of weighing all of my options and choosing one, I just sit and fidget and wait. 

The glass of wine is empty.  I’m contemplating fetching a towel to wipe away the ring of wet the glass left behind just to fill time. 

And now, “ding, ding!”

A text message on my iPhone; a friend wanting to know if I’d care for a visitor this evening and I think, Yes.  Yes please…I would, and I rise to pull another glass from the cupboard.

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