Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy Birthday

"I'd be happy to live till 80 as long as I was comfortable and in good health. Mind you, ask me again on the eve of my 80th birthday. Even so, I hope we don't all start living to be 120. I'm not sure I'd cope with another 60 years." -  Bonnie Tyler

Today marks 45 years of my riding Earth around the sun.  The most recent circuit  has been a tough one; for me and my country.  At times it felt as though the entire planet was shaking.

I've no idea what lays ahead for any of us but I am grateful that whatever happens, I am not facing it alone.

So today on my birthday I want to express to all of my friends that I am thankful that our particular meandering life paths have brought us together and I am glad to be walking with you.

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