Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Day 22: ...

Photo of "The American
Dream" by artist
Judith Hoffman
I do not know what to title tonight's blog post.  I am feeling so many things:


I keep reading article after article on how to handle transitions like this (and sadly, there are a surprising number of articles out there about what to do when a parent removes you from their life...) but though receiving the affirmation that there is nothing wrong with what I'm feeling does make me feel a little less lost, it does not make me feel better.  Not in this moment.

I know progress will be made.  Healing will happen but I see a long road ahead, one with so many cycles of processing, grieving, letting go, processing, expressing, letting go.  Healing almost never occurs in a linear fashion.

I'm get there.  I'll get there.

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