Sunday, November 20, 2016

Day 20: Scorched

I was having a hard time figuring out what to write about today.  I have so much on my mind that I don't want to publicly write about at the moment and I'm trying not to be gloomy about life.  I wanted to write about something light, maybe even a bit frivolous so I went to The Daily Post for a blog prompt...


Yup. That is today's one word blog prompt.  Scorched.  There is nothing light about scorched.

When I think of scorched I think of cracked desert flatland where it's so dry you need to drink your own urine to survive.

I think of carelessly cooked marshmallows and the aftermath of lightning strikes.  It brings to mind hearts broken time and again until sadness and rage turn them to ashes; fish bones on drought dried riverbeds; and hot milk left unstirred.  Cracked lips.  Blistered skin.

Scorched.  Scorched is everything I don't want to write about at the moment.

Oh I know what you are thinking.  Scorched is today's lesson.  Scorched is just what I need. Scorched is the thing that represents my pain.  Scorched is only hard to write about because I'm projected my current inner state onto a word.


Maybe it is a good word.  Scorched is what is left after the burn.  After the fire has reduced everything it touched to bits of carbon and ash.  Scorched is...wait for it...what makes room for new life to form, green shoots to grow...(la, la, la, and light, love and light...)

Maybe.  Maybe it is all of those things, but maybe I'm not at scorched yet.  Maybe I'm still neck deep in the fire.  Maybe there is still smoke rising from the ground and any seed planted will simply dry up, never to germinate.

Before the ground can become green again, the soil has to cool.  There must be a rain storm or two. Then the seeds can start to put forth their roots and tender shoots.

In this moment of now the rain drop sizzles to steam when it falls.  The fire that came here is still turning the tree roots to charcoal.

Scorched is a word of past tense and right now, right now the present word is burn.

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