Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 20: Refuge

We should all have a space a part from the world.  A quiet place in which we can just be.  A place to close the door and create a refuge of peace to breathe in.

A safe place.

This is something to be be held as sacred.

We should never take these places for granted.  A home can be lost so easily due to poverty, a break up, a tragedy, a war.  In an instant life can go from steady, predictable, stable to a pile of collapsing brick - sometime with a horrible literalness.

If you have such a space.  A place where you feel safe, where you are warm and fed.  Where you can exist without judgement.  Where you are free to be who you are.  If you have such a space, it is not enough to be grateful for it...

...because there are so many for whom such a place has never existed.  Where safety exists only in concept.  Where home is not a haven, but a hideout, because to step outside means making a life or death decision.  There are those for whom a closed door brings no protection, but its opening serves more as warning for the pain to come.

Yes, be grateful for the haven you have.  Make use of it.  Nourish and care for yourself, because the next step is to help. Those of us who are sheltered, fed and safe - we've a duty to help those who do not have these things.

And there are an awful lot of us who have these things.  We could, with a moment, a dollar, a few words...we maybe could change the world.

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