Sunday, December 6, 2015

Day 6: Two of Disks - Balance in Material Life

I have a confession to make.  The 2 of Disks was the second card I drew from the deck today. My process for using the cards as blogging inspiration has thus far has been this:

  1. Sit quietly and attempt to clear my mind (my success on this part varies but I usually at least reach a point of feeling more focused)

  2. Shuffle the deck for a period of time and then choose a card.

  3. Look at the card and take notes on what the images on it bring to mind for me.

  4. Review the card's meaning in the book and take notes on anything that seems to stick out for me.

  5. Use these notes as a starting point for my journal writing which thus far has served as a rough draft for the blog post that I share later in the day.

This morning as I began to write in my journal about the first card I drew today I found myself digging deeper and deeper into some very personal stuff.  I hadn't set any parameters as far as what I would or would not share as far as writing that came out of this exercise; my only rule is that I write something each day for the month of December.  As I was writing I began to realize that I really did not want to share what I was writing.  The issues that were coming up were not anything that I'd call bad, they were more things that I'd not given a lot of thought to before.  It was unexplored territory that I'd like to give more attention to. 

So I made the call to make note of this card, put a note in my calendar to come back to it and chose a second card which was the 2 of Disks – Balance in Material Life.  The card is about finding that balance between work and play; exertion and recharging.   I've not always been successful at doing this, particularly when my semester is in full swing, I'm trying to keep up with both school work and my job, while trying to maintain some sort of creative and personal life.  In fact, finding a balance in my life is as close to a New Year's resolution as I get each year.

During my time on this ship I have taken up the habit of daily journaling.  This one hour of my day is mine alone.  It is only a small part of my day but it really helps me to reconnect with myself and begin my day a little more focused and rested.  I hope I am able to keep up this practice when I return to land.  It is one activity that could help me greatly in keeping this sense of balance.

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