Thursday, November 12, 2015

Semester at Sea Update - Brazil

Hello everyone,

My apologies for not sending an update sooner. Internet access has not been as good as I had hoped.  However I am alive and well having just arrived in Salvador, Brazil on Wednesday.  I have crossed the Atlantic and the equator!!  My seven days at sea were peaceful ones filled with classes and homework...and dance.  I have started teaching belly dance on the ship and I am truly enjoying it.

Since my last message we have visited Croatia, Greece, Spain, Senegal and Brazil (where I will be until Monday evening).

Brazil so far seems quite amazing.  It is full of music and song.  As a percussionist I am experiencing a bit of heaven; there is rhythm everywhere!!  Yesterday I spent the afternoon in a percussion workshop with Giba Conceicao.  It was two of the most amazing hours of my life.  Tonight I´ll be attending either an Afro-Brazillian dance class or a samba show. I am not yet sure which!!  There really is so much to see and do here. 

I might be falling in love with Brazil...or Salvador at least.

After Salvador we have a nine day sea journey to Trinidad and Tobago.  We are there for only a short time, two days, before we head for the Panama Canal and Costa Rica.

This journey is two thirds over. 

I hope to update again in Trinidad.  Thank you again for making this journey possible.

Oh!  I hope my post cards have been arriving safely.  If you did not send me your address please do so and I´ll send one a long. 

In gratitude...


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