Monday, November 9, 2015

Atlantic Crossing - Day 6

Tonight they dimmed the lights on Deck 9 and many of us gathered towards the bow to look up into the sky.  Some students who have lived primarily in cities their whole lives had never seen the stars like this at all. There were ooh, aahs and even some giggles of delight. The milky way was visible and Cassiopeia could be seen just above the north west horizon.  I plan to head to bed early so that I may get up before sunrise to see the southern cross.  A constellation I will see for the first time.

The horizon to the west glowed faintly with the lights of cities we could not see.  We are only close enough to witness the side effects of their existence.   It is a reminder that the day after tomorrow I will be stepping off this ship and onto the soil of South America. 

I was told that tomorrow night we will likely see bright flares from oil rigs burning off excess natural gas.   It was described as visually beautiful but depressing for the soul.  I'm not sure I want to witness it.

One more day of ocean travel ahead.   


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