Saturday, November 7, 2015

Atlantic Crossing - Day 4

Tonight we had an all ship meeting about student behavior. It was one of those situations where they spoke to everyone with the intent of sending a message to a few.  What I am picturing is happening now is that some students, who are not at fault, are questioning and over analyzing their behavior because they are worried they might have screwed up while those who are at fault are finding ways to justify their own behavior.

If they even bothered to be there.  I'm not sure they actually check to see who attends these sorts of things. 

We were back at classes today.  Everyone is cramming for midterms.  I thankfully only have one and it's in my Natural Resource Conservation class, which thus far has been review for me.  Tomorrow though we have a guest speaker.  Captain Rick from the "Deadliest Catch," a show I've never actually seen, will be speaking to our class about fishery conservation.  I have been told from other classes he has spoken in that he is an engaging and interesting speaker.  I don't recall if he is the significant other of a professor or is one of the life long learners but he is here for the entire voyage. 

I attended a samba class today taught by our interport lecturer and will be participating in the Brazil cultural pre-port as a dancer.  There are about 30 of us I think who will be doing this.  I'm sure photos will end up on FaceBook.  I also started working with my belly dance students on their choreography for the end of the voyage talent show. 

Today's wildlife sightings included brown boobies, hooded boobies, a frigate and lots of flying fish.  No sea mammals yet. 

On a more personal note, I'm struggling with a bit of loneliness this evening.  It is something that has come and gone for most of this voyage.  My solution is to keep busy but tonight I seem to be caught up on just about everything.  It does seem to be more difficult in the evenings.  During the day I find that sitting on the deck and just watching the sea will ease just about any feeling, but at night,'s dark.  Which makes ocean gazing rather difficult to do!!

In any case, we set our clocks back again tonight.  I believe we also have a star gazing activity at 5:30 AM where they will dim the lights of the ship so we can see the southern cross and other constellations.  I don't have a camera that will take photos of stars but I will be sure to let you know what I see!


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