Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Atlantic Crossing - Day 1

09 degrees 19.46 minutes N
021 degrees 19.02 minutes W

It is 28 degree Celsius with 84% humidity and our air conditioning is undergoing maintenance. The air in my cabin is sticky and uncomfortable. Sleeping is proving difficult and so I am awake at midnight, writing a blog post. 

Our first day of our crossing was fairly uneventful.  We had wind of about 9kts and seas with 2 foot swells.  Which is still enough to add some sway to the deck but most of us have our sea legs and other than the occasional mild stumble, we do just fine.   Due to the heat and humidity, which was even higher most of the day, I stayed inside where it was (with the exception of my cabin) much cooler.

This evening was the first Semester at Sea coffee house held in the Lily Marlene lounge.  Students packed the house to the point where those of us performing had to step over bodies to make our way to the stage.  I presented two spoken word pieces, Don't Take it Personally and Roses, neither of which I'd shared publicly before and both of which were very well received.  Students presented songs, poems, comedy improve and visual art work.  There is some pretty amazing talent on the ship.  I am looking forward to the next one.

Tomorrow I will rise early to watch the sunrise. I try to do this whenever we are at sea.  This morning it was obscured by clouds, but I had some writing to do for a class so I was not too let down.

Our crossing of the equator is in two days. We have the day off from classes and there are celebrations of some kind, though it has not been made overly clear just what those celebrations entail - though I know some folks will be shaving their head.  They call it Neptune day...

I'll be heading to bed now with hopes that the air conditioning will be fixed sometime tomorrow.

Good night. 

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