Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 30: What makes you life really worth living?

The Mission Statement:  Day 7 (based on Creating a New Mission Statement from the New York Times)

I am down to the last question:   What makes you life really worth living?

It is interesting to me that as the week has progressed the questions have in some ways become easier for me to answer.  Of course, intentional or not, they do seem to build on each other so it may just be that my thoughts have been corralled in this direction all week long.

What makes life really worth living for me?

  • The creative process.  Birthing a new work from idea to creation is a never easy but always worth it.  
  • New experiences.  I love learning new things, exploring new places and discovering things about the world and myself. 
  • People.  My friends, my family and my community bring so much to my life.  I share many of the two things listed above with them. 
Of course this does mean that any of these things are always joyful things.  Goodness knows I have my share of letdowns, failures and upsets but in the long run, these are the three things that really keep me going.  

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