Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day 3: Quiche. It's so damn easy...

Two beautiful and easy quiches!
Today I want to write about quiche.  I currently have two quiches baking in the over (they will likely be done cooking before I'm done writing this post).  I decided to make them because I had left over ham from the holidays and milk from making hot cocoa at my New Year's Eve open house.  I made two quiches because my pie crust recipe makes two crusts and well, I really like quiche!  Which leaves me asking myself why in the world do I not cook quiche more often?

My answer is pretty lame. I just don't think of it.  Which is kind of pathetic because not only is quiche delicious, but I generally always have the basic ingredients for it around.  You can put nearly anything you want into a quiche (today's quiches are ham, kale, cheddar and onion).  Plus, it keeps.  You can freeze it, reheat it, or even eat a slice cold.  And it's easy as fuck to make.

Which leads me to the question of how many other things I could be doing that are enjoyable and easy, but which I don't do because they just slip my mind?  I'd say meditation is likely one.  I like how I feel after giving myself five minutes of just sitting quietly, not doing anything, letting my thoughts just float around.  Yet, how often do I actually do it?  Almost never.

I could probably also add to this list:
  • sketching just for fun
  • writing in my journal 
  • going to watch the sunset (or sunrise for that matter)
  • calling a friend for a chat
  • reading for pleasure (granted this one gets tough during the semester)
  • playing with Miss Pickles
  • taking a destination-less walk
Maybe I should write all of these down and post them somewhere so the next time I find myself feeling like I need a bit of a lift in my spirits I'll have an idea of what to do.  

Right now I'm going to have a slice of quiche!!!!

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