Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 22: Eight Things

Today's blog prompt is courtesy of Facebook and the post of a friend listing five things about herself that few folks knew.  If I liked the post she promised to give me a number with which I was to create my own list.  My number was eight.

I have decided to share a few things that many people, even some of my close friends don't know about me.  I'm sure a few will be a surprise to some and there will be a few who may recoil in horror (see 1 & 8) but hey, what good is a blog if not for putting it all out there for the whole world to see?

It's confession time!!! 

1.  I am a regular watcher of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.  Yes, you read that right (some folks are going WHAT THE FUCK - you must be joking).  I watch nearly every season, though I rarely make it all the way through The Bachelor seasons though because it usually gets just too ridiculous for words.  I'd say I don't know why I watch the show but in fact I'm pretty sure I do know why, it's pure, 100% escapism.  Everything that happens on that show is so far removed form my life that it's a pretty good distraction from my stresses and troubles. 

2. I can eat an entire box of Captain Crunch in one evening.  Sugary cereal is my go to food for intense emotional eating. (If I eat enough it will fill this black hole that is my heart!!!!!) It does not happen often; usually only once a year but when I hit that point it's Captain Crunch or Fruit Loops and there are rarely any left by morning.

3. I am starting to actually enjoy my finance class. This freaks me out.  I don't just like it, I actually look forward to it.  It's finance for Christ's sake!  It's numbers and capital and interest rates and what the heck is wrong with me?

4. I do not enjoy festivals.  You know the kind where you camp for three days to a week, listen to lots of music, smoke a lot of pot, drink to much, dance until 3:00AM, etc.  I mean I enjoy all of these things separately - I love camping, I love music, I love dancing, I love being out late with friends and I enjoy an adult beverage on occasion but I get overwhelmed by the crowds at festivals, and I always feel so gross and dirty and exhausted after.  They just decidedly are not my thing.

5. There are a few foods that I have an excessive amount of love for.  They are: arugula, capers, pepperoni pizza, smoked gouda, fresh cucumbers with black pepper, brie, tourti√®re, crusty bread and Allagash black.  These are foods that send a happy little tingle to the pleasure centers of my brain.  I often let out a rather naughty sounding sigh at the first nibble. Even thinking of these foods I am experiencing happiness.

6.I am addicted to British and Canadian crime shows/mysteries.  The era, gender or age of the detective does not matter (though I do have a love of anything Agatha Christie or to do with the 1920s).  There just has to be interesting characters and a good old fashioned murder to be solved.  Amercian television just doesn't seem to be serving it up.

7. I get MEGA stage fright before every performance and before speaking in public. Sweaty palms, shaking legs and a dancing knots in my stomach; all of which lead to moment where I have must convince myself to not turn around and walk away.  I long ago learned to get past it, but it's still there.  Every time.

8. I also watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (yes...yes, I know.  You are now starting to wonder, "who IS this person??").  Again, escapism...100%.  And it sort of fascinates me that people actually live that way.  I'm also left with the unsettling thought that, aside from the lip injections, botox and in Beverly Hills, I could probably be quite comfortable being a BHHW.  Okay, I'd probably not really be all that down with the married part either but otherwise the lifestyle does seem pretty darn cushy.

And there you have it folks.  Eight things few people know about me...and well, now the whole world is free to know.

I'm feeling  a bit relieved actually.  My dark TV secrets were sort of weighing on me...

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