Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 19: Am I up for this challenge?

Daily blogging for two months in a row is proving to be a challenge.  The past few days I am finding that it is late in the evening before I have a chance to sit and write.  I am also still running up against that voice inside of me that says that every post must be perfect and contain some deep and life changing pearl of wisdom.

Right, well most days the best I can come up with is, make sure you check your toilet paper supply on a daily basis because you don't want today to be the day that you find yourself done with your duty with only one remaining square and nothing in the bathroom cabinet.

Pun absolutely intended.  And before you ask, my reason for bringing this up is not because it has happened to me recently.  This lesson I learned long, long ago.

However, I do mention it because so many of us are searching for some powerfully meaningful bit of wisdom to change our lives or set us on the right path when maybe the best piece of advice someone could give us is to make sure the necessities are taken care of.  Because really, how are you ever going to make sense of the shit in your life if you can't remember to make sure you have something to clean the shit off your ass?

And there's the pearl of wisdom for today.  We're still waiting on the perfection. 

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