Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 17-ish

Okay.  It happened.  I missed a day of blogging.

Yesterday was a full day.  I spent the first ten hours of it sleeping.  I'd crashed early on Friday, around 8:30, and slept straight through until 10:00am on Saturday.  I had my usual morning routine of coffee and journaling before heading off to teach a workshop at the studio.  Then home to prepare for a dance performance that evening.

(some where in here I stated soup in the crockpot)

The preparation took longer than planned.  It took nearly an hour to iron ten yards of skirt, and then of course there was the hair and make up and actually getting there.  The performance went really well and I was on a bit of a high when the night was over.

Home again.  I chopped veggies to add the to delicious smelling broth in the crock pot.  Poured a glass of wine, watched some Hulu and went to bed.

At some point I do remember thinking that I needed to write a blog post.  I woke up this morning remembering that I didn't.

Well at least I thought about it. 

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