Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Day 24: Three things

Today's blog prompt is courtesy of Imagination Prompt Generator.

Name three reasons you should get out of bed tomorrow.

1. I'll likely have to pee when I wake up and though I'll want nothing more than to close my eyes and sleep for five more minutes, I can't hold it forever. 

2. Food.  Today I leave for my Mum's place for Christmas.  We are spending the day eating yummy food and watching totally junky stuff on Hulu and Netflix.  I can't wait!

3. Coffee.  Maybe it's due to caffeine addiction or maybe it's the feeling of the warm cup in my hands and the happy shiver that runs through me when I take that first sip, but I do love my first cup of coffee in the morning.  Coffee time is my time.

4. (yes I know it asked for three) The cat.  No matter what sickness, hangover, or dread at facing the day I might be feeling I have to get out of bed to feed Miss Pickles.  

Yeah, I know.  Nothing earth shattering here.  No big "hey, it's a new day and I'm happy to be alive" platitudes.  Nope, what gets this lady out of bed in the morning are my basic bodily needs. Once I have emptied the bladder, had my coffee and put food in my belly THEN I can maybe think about the bigger things like what I actually need to accomplish on that particular day or figuring out if my existence has any sort of purpose. 

And truly, NOTHING is getting done until the cat has had her breakfast.

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