Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 16: Something big...

About a month ago I applied for the Semester at Sea program.  Late this afternoon I received the notification that my application was accepted. 

I am excited, nervous, thrilled and a bit scared.  I'm worried about how I'll gather all of the money to pay for it but mostly, I feel massive amounts of anticipation.  I have traveled here in the United States, I've visited Canada on several occasions and spent a couple of weeks in Guatemala, but I've never done something like this.  This is three months on a ship with visits to seven countries, an Atlantic crossing and traveling south of the equator.

I'll cross the sea on a ship with no land in sight for days and when I look up my eyes will gaze upon different stars!!!  

When I was a little girl my cousin and I often said that when we grew up we wanted to be world travelers.  If this happens, this will be the second of my childhood dreams that comes true (the first was being a street performer - which I also thought I'd never, ever do).

It's ten months away.  That really, really doesn't seem all that long of a wait for a dream. 

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  1. Congratulations! What an exciting opportunity and I look forward to reading your blog posts chronicling this grand adventure.