Sunday, December 14, 2014

Day 14: My Awesome Day

I went to bed sometime close to 4:00 AM following a really wonderful holiday shindig.

I got back out of bed at about 9:30AM.  I showered, downed a cup of coffee, nom-nom-nommed a bit stuffed bread and packed my drums for rehearsal. My ride arrived shortly thereafter.

I spend two hours  making music, playing drums and singing.  

1:00PM rehearsal is done.  I am invited to grab lunch with a friend, which I do, and by 2:00 PM I'm off to a friend's holiday open house where I catch up with old friends and meet Mr. Longfellow, my new kitty cat nephew.

By 3:15 PM I have made my way to the library where I spend most of the next six hours finalizing a semester long project and planning the presentation with my fellow group members.

9:30 PM I am back home.  I write out my presentation notes on index cards, proofread one other group paper and send it off for final review.

Now I shall settle in with a glass of wine, a craft project and some Netflix.  I think it is well deserved.

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