Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 8 - A Year From Now

I have had a full day today with rehearsals, seeking costuming supplies, homework and more rehearsals all of which I enjoyed (well I'm not gonna say my statistics homework was a blast but it wasn't heartbreaking) but it left me with not a lot of time to think about what to write today.  The following was brought to you by the Imagination Prompt Generator...

Q. What do you want to be doing one year from now?

A. One year from now I hope to be in the final weeks of my last semester at school and closing in on the end of this endeavor that is called earning a degree.  I expect I'll be stressed out a bit, though if all goes well I'll only be taking three classes.

I will likely be looking for a second job or expanding my hours at my current one (which I love) as I'll need to find a way to support myself without my school financial aid as a back up.  I'm hoping to take at least a half year off from school before starting in a grad program during which I'll work, hopefully save some money, and explore some creative endeavors that have been put off due to school.

I hope to still be teaching a dance class and performing regularly with my troupe.  I hope that all of the work we have been doing this past year pays off and we find ourselves looking ahead to exciting new opportunities.  They are a wonderful group of hardworking and dedicated performers and I believe that we do have great things ahead!

I hope to be healthy and mostly happy.

What do you want to be doing one year from now?????

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  1. Wow you have so many things going on! Busy busy busy. I would love to be able to dance, unfortunately I'm pretty terrible (fall over my feet walking!). Good luck with school!

    A year from now I'm hoping to be in a job I like...and to actually have my own home!