Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 5 - I Want More Sleep

I was, until very recently, one of those folks who went to bed at midnight and rose at 5:00 AM to begin my day.  This has been my habit for most of my adult life and for most of my adult life I've managed just fine on my five to six hours of sleep per night. Though I was never what one would call a "morning person."  I didn't wake up all bouncy and ready to go.  No, it was always a two the news...more I can leave the house now sort of process.  Much of the reason I get out of bed so early is so that I can have the time to actually get my head together before starting the day.

While I was slow to get started after I was actually on the move I plowed through my day, no matter how busy.  I didn't generally have the urge to nod off midday (though I have always, always been in favor of naps) or find myself wanting to crawl under the covers at 9:00PM and sleeping in, even when I had the time to do it, was usually no later than 7:00 AM.

Lately however I'm finding myself  wanting to stay under the covers for hours and hours and hours.  I'm chalking this partially up to the fact that it's winter and under the covers is the only place that is dependably warm in my apartment - especially since I was given the gift of a heated mattress pad which makes me want to build a pillow fort over my bed and never leave - but mostly it's because I'm just really, really, really tired.

And while I could just it must be my age and I'm getting "sooooo oooooold" it was only a matter of time before my lifetime of functioning on five to six hours of sleep caught up with me I'm going to point out to myself that I am far busier than I ever have been before.  I am reminding myself that I am a full-time student, that I also work two part-time jobs, teach dance, write daily, keep a pretty busy performance schedule, manage a troupe and do the normal human things (eat, poop, sleep and scratch where it itches).  I guess tired is to be expected.

Still, I'm really looking forward to Saturday morning which is the one day this week that I don't need to set my alarm clock.  More sleep please...

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  1. More time to sleep - this is something I would love to have too! I seem to be waking up in the night more and more frequently and generally am awake way before the alarm sounds.

    The broken sleep is not good for me.