Saturday, December 28, 2013

Day 28 - First or Last?

I am borrowing from yesterday's Blogher NaBloPoMo blog prompt for this post.  After two nights of 2:00 AM bedtime due to costuming I'm just too pooped to ponder an original post idea.  So...

Which do you enjoy more: the last week of the year, or the first week of the year?

The answer to that question for me is, well, both.   

New Year's Eve is one of my favoritie favorite holidays.  It is probably the one time of year that regardless of how busy I might be, I take the time to reflect on my life.  Attempting to review one's life in its entirety is usually an overwhelming and often depressing proposition but a year is a comfortable amount of time to think about.  A year is short enough to be fresh in our memories when looking back and it is long enough that when we set a goal we'd like to accomplish, a year seems a reasonable amount of time to accomplish it.  

As the year ends I give a lot of thought to what I have accomplished, what habits I want to let go of and what good ones I picked up.  I think of the faces of new friends and those I said goodbye to.  And of course I give a lot of thought what my goals are for the year ahead. 

When midnight on the 31st hits I always toast the year to come.  The days ahead are always a bit heady and exciting with the prospect of new goals and ideas.  

I am often asked why I love New Year's Eve and it has nothing to do with the parties, champagne or midnight kisses (though all of these things are nice).  It is the annual reset button.  It's knowing that no matter where I am now in life, I could be someplace completely different in 365 days.  It's the reminder that nothing is static.  

And this year more than ever I feel like I need the reminder that change is possible.  

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