Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 16 - I'm Tired

I'm tired.
Weary to the bone pooped.
I'm running on fumes and I'm pretty sure I'll hit empty any day now.
I really want a nap but it is quite possible that I am too tired to sleep.
Shutting my eyelids would take too much effort.

I keep telling myself that...

...Saturday I'll catch up on sleep...oh, wait, I have that thing.
...Christmas Eve & Christmas day!  I'll give myself the gift of a day off...oh, wait, no I have to make things for that other thing.  That will take at least a day and a half.
...the day after?  Oh, wait no...I work.
...and...oh...maybe..or...darn and bother I'm busy then too.

But wait...
Look on the calendar.  January 2nd!
I've nothing planned on January 2nd.

I'm claiming it right now.
January 2nd is my day.

There will be sleeping...

January 2nd
January 2nd
January 2nd

,,, and no laundry shall be done on that day.

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