Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 1 - More/Less

I wasn't going to get out of bed today.  It's warm beneath my blankets.  And safe.  There is no one to worry about other than me.   With my eyes closed, my blankets tucked up around my ears it becomes a 3.5' x 6' peaceful, vacation cocoon.

But then I blinked and caught a glimpse of fat snowflakes falling outside my window.  I couldn't resist sitting up to watch them float down from the sky.

Watching from the doorway to my room Miss Pickles, one of my cats, saw my awakening and jumped up onto the bed wanting me to play.

It was then then I remembered I had  homework to do if I ever want to finish this degree I'm pursuing (and I do dislike leaving things unfinished).  And a dance rehearsal to lead and my own choreography to work on and...and...and...oh yes, this blog post to write.

Today is the first day of the BlogHer December NaBloPoMo.  I completed the 31 days of blogging last year and have decided to once again tackle to task. This months topic is "More/Less" and there seem to be a lot of interesting blog prompts all prepared for me to make use of.

As for today...I'd like more time to enjoy the peaceful quiet of my cozy bed and less on my To Do List, but I suppose I could say that everyday.

Blog on...


  1. Sounds like an utterly blissful start to a day - until you had to get up and start dancing, and writing, and playing with the cat, that is... Looking forward to reading your posts this month. Good luck!

  2. The moments between waking up and realising there is a ton of things on the ever growing 'to do' list is probably one of the best feelings there is. Shame we can't just call duvet days!

    (Dropping by from NaBloPoMo soup!)